Hello world and welcome to "The health ledger"

I’m Geanina Dobre.

Mom, fashion and fitness addicted and since recently also blog writer!

I’m a dreamer and a “warrior”: I never give up!

I’m currently trying to share my experience and knowledge through this blog, giving you some advice about what I know best! That is first of all how to live as a mum, given I have an elementary school son, who I love.

Second of all I’ve always seeked to be up to date about new trends and be aware of how we dress, and this has enhanced my confidence in talking of fashion topics.

Finally, I keep my body health steady working out regularly since a long time. I hope my fitness section feels like having a conversation with your gym mate, I’m just writing some friendly advices to help you reach your goals easily.

I approach everything I deal with in my life with a positive attitude! Here are my strongholds.

My beliefs

I belive that health is the most important thing that we have so we must protect it with all our strenght!

Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile”

this is the motto I repeat myself every morning and I always try to stick with it! Always smile!

Passion vs hobby

If you ask me what my passion is, I’ll tell you it’s art: creating from the heart or simply making beautiful and inspiring things. But, if you ask me what my hobbies are I’ll tell you I love reading and watching movies (always with a happy ending, of course)!

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