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Closed gyms? Here are the top 5 at-home exercises to be done comfortably at home to keep on moving even in these weeks of isolation.

Among the measures taken by the government to contain the spread of coronavirus, there is also the closing of gyms. News that made the most fanatics of sport and fitness angry. But good news! In isolation your home can become the perfect place to continue training. Or where to start doing it for those who always postpone the fateful registration in the gym until next Monday.

With so much time available there are many activities that can be done within the home and many exercises to keep you fit despite the appeal of the sofa and the long list of TV series to catch up. So here are a top 10 at-home exercises to continue training in the inexhaustible hours you spend at home. You will need a mat or a common carpet. An elastic band, a sofa and lots of goodwill.

5 exercises to do at home for 20 minutes a day: if you have the consistency to do them regularly I assure you that you will stay in shape even without a gym!

Squats for glutes and thighs

A classic that never goes out of style and that, after the inevitable post-workout pain, really gives great satisfaction is the squat. They are performed with a free body or with a weight in the hands, keeping the feet a little wide apart and firmly on the ground. Ascent and descent must be checked so that the knees do not exceed the line of the feet and the torso does not fall too far forward or too far back. If going up the glutes (butt muscles) contract and squeeze well you will have an awesome result!

Forward lunge for abs, butt/hips, legs-thighs

In addition to training the glutes, the lunges work on the whole leg and improve the ability to balance. For those, that have already done this exercise, there is the version of the jumped lunges, but for those who are at the first try, it’s always better to check every single movement well and perform the static exercise! As for squats, in this case the knee should not go beyond the line of the feet but form an angle of 90°.

Forward lunge

Front plank for iron abs

Sculpted abs don’t only mean a flat stomach but also a well-straight and better posture. The front plank is the ideal exercise to achieve this and more: during the hold, in addition to the abdominal core, you also train the leg muscles, which in order to better support the weight of the body must remain contracted. Just be careful not to arch your back, especially during the last few seconds of tightness.

Front plank

Side plank for abs, butt/hips

After the front plank, to complete the abdominal workout, doing some repetitions of side planks never hurts! All the lateral musculature of the leg and torso are involved in this exercise and holding on the arm also produces a training effect on the shoulders and arm.

Side plank

Russian twist to train mobility and abdominal endurance

A complete exercise for those aiming to have a super sculpted turtle! The Russian twist is performed with or without the addition of weight or ball in the hands and consists in rotating the torso on the side and then on the other while the legs are raised off the ground. It will burn a lot, but the combined action of keeping the legs raised and the twist will have an exponential effect on the definition of abs!

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