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A new year has started and fashion is already giving the first signs of what will be in trend in this year’s spring/summer season.

Spring-Summer runaway trends 2020 (photo: Vogue)

The time has come to find out what will accompany us during the Spring / Summer 2020 season. The must-have of this season will be different. We have to be ready to stand out in front of different styles. Let’s see together which things will go for the most by peeking the famous catwalks.

Trends spring-summer 2020

There will be several anchors that will dominate this season, some are evergreen, others return from distant periods, all accompanied by news and renovations, inevitable in terms of fashion.

Orange: the trendy color of summer

Pantone has declared cobalt blue as the color of the year 2020; Fashion decides to change course and focus entirely on warm and cheerful colors. Orange will be a must-have for the Spring / Summer season and cannot be missing in our wardrobes.

Orange dress

Give space to orange t-shirts, skirts, trousers, and hats and you won’t miss the shot. The shades of orange will be the red thread of summer fashion, be it apricot or pumpkin. In short, it is appropriate to mention the title of a very famous TV series because this year Orange is the new black!

The purity of a white dress

Among the contrasting trends, we move from a bright and lively color to a more ethereal one, white. Clothing of this color will also be given ample scope, going back to more styles. Victorian, romantic or folk it doesn’t matter, the must-have of the season is as long as it is white!

White dress (photo:vogue)

A new lightness border, ready to send us into an ethereal and candid dimension made of layers of tulle, embroidery or chiffon. The light-heartedness of this color will change the fashion addicted who will take this style into a quiet soul, transforming even bad girls into little angels.

Fluorescent colors, rainbows that never go out of style

From the whiteness of white, we move on to the bright colors of the fluorescent shades! Style lovers, find neon clothes in your closets and show them off without shame, fashion says it!

Neon dress by Valentino

These bright colors were also spotted on Valentino’s catwalks. The fashion house has made bold use of it with neon dresses combined with tone-on-tone bags and belts. An inevitable riot of colors.

Totally tropic

When J. Lo closed Versace’s SS20 show wearing an updated version of the navel-baring floaty green tropical print dress she wore to the 2000 Grammy’s, it confirmed, officially, that tropical is totally topical! The wild mood of tropical, which dominated the Versace catwalk, has brought this dynamic and colorful style back to fashion.

Beautiful J .Lo with the Tropical dress by Versace

Crochet, the wonderful handcrafted weaves

Macramé lace, embroidery, crochet and crochet clothes enhance the beauty of the artisan style. 2020 fashion offers creations with a hand-made effect, including capes and folk and fishnet dresses.

Crochet dress

A touch that goes from bohemian to the hippie style typical of the fabulous 70s. A mixture of eras in which fashion was lively, daring and barrier-free

Colorful Leather

Very strong in 2019, leather is a trend of last year that remains. Winter was dominated by black leather, but spring sees the coming together of new colors and new ways to wear them. Wide space, therefore, to light leather jackets, to face the cold spring myths, but let’s also be ready for skirts, trousers or tops.

Black leather trousers and jacket

The leather becomes more comfortable and soft, so much that it even crosses the border of sport wearing and becomes super comfortable, impossible to resist!

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