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Password: technical clothing. Freedom of movement, correct perspiration and right support are the golden rules to follow when choosing fitness clothing.

It seems like a small matter, but it is not: the clothing chosen to train is fundamental. First for health and hygiene reasons. Second, Synthetic fabrics, for example, in contact with sweat cause the proliferation of colonies of bacteria and mushrooms.

Thus giving rise to skin mycoses and other ailments such as redness, irritation, allergic forms. Furthermore, without wearing the right fabrics, you risk getting sick precisely because proper perspiration is not facilitated.

Finally, it is important that fitness clothing is as comfortable as possible, so as not to limit movements and leave freedom of action in all exercises. So, say NO to what excessively compels as well as sexy underwear, underwire and narrow straps of bras & Co.

Fitness Underwear

Let’s start from the bottom. Those who play sports should adopt specific fitness underwear. That is, something that ensures support and freedom in movement. Therefore, bras with thin straps, push-ups, and underwire models are not recommended. In fact, this type of underwear favors rubbing and can also give rise to annoying ailments such as sebaceous cysts, eczema, and irritation from sweat and rubbing.

Reebok underwear

The ideal bra for training is the sports bra, with wide braces and the right support. Warning: the choice of size is fundamental, to avoid any type of excessive constriction. Also, as regards the briefs, the choice should fall on models in technical fabrics or in pure cotton. Fundamental requirements to promote proper perspiration and prevent intimate infections and irritations.

If you plan to swim or to access the wellness area of ​​the gym, it is good to opt for sports costumes such as the Olympics and to ensure a change in cotton for the post-swimming pool.

Socks also play an important role in training: absolute say no to synthetic models, the ideal sock for sports is breathable and made of cotton.

Tank top

As for the upper part of the gym outfit, the tank top is preferable to T-shirts. To favor the free movement of arms and shoulders. But it’s better to avoid undershirts with very thin straps, especially if you have abundant breasts.

As for the fabric, it is advisable to opt for the more technical (thermal) models that do not leave the back and abdomen wet for a long time.

Leggings and shorts

Nike leggings

And what to wear underneath? It depends on the type of physical activity and individual preferences. If you train with equipment and a free body, it’s better to avoid trousers and shorts and instead prefer sports leggings or comfortable sweatpants.

If you run on the treadmill, you can wear the classic runner shorts instead. Furthermore, for those who practice yoga, there are specific models of pants that allow you to perform all the exercises perfectly and comfortably.


Shoes obviously play one of the most important roles in gym equipment. The ideal shoe model depends on the type of activity chosen. For running or for aerobic and cardio activities in general, it is good to opt for the lightest, best performing and most cushioned sports shoe models.

Replace the shoes at the first signs of wear and tear. In this case, it’s not important that they are “branded” shoes, but surely it’s good to buy sports models in dedicated stores where you can find the right footwear even at competitive prices.

There are also disciplines that require you to simply wear socks such as yoga or Pilates. In this case, it is important to consult the teacher for advice on the possible use of non-slip rubbers.

Towel and hair

When exercising in the gym, it is mandatory to bring a towel for the mat and equipment. It is important that this accessory is large enough to be able to cover the entire surface on which you lie down or lean on. This measure allows you to defend yourself from mushrooms and other unwanted guests.

Finally, in the gym, it is better to avoid wearing jewelry and to keep your hair loose. A ponytail or a firm chignon will make training more comfortable, and therefore more effective.

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